Today's Lady Nelson

Berthed at Elizabeth St Pier on Hobart's waterfront, the Lady Nelson tall ship is one of the most popular attractions for visitors and a much loved icon of Hobart's fascinating maritime history.

Built locally and launched in 1988, the current Lady Nelson is a replica of the original Lady Nelson Brig involved in establishing the settlement of Hobart Town in 1804. 

With her twin masts rigged with square sails based on the original ship's plans, the Lady Nelson offers a unique experience to step back in time to when sailing ships first graced the shores of Hobart.


View "Our Story" for facts and history of the Lady Nelson.


Specifications Passenger Information

Length: 16.7m (54.8'') 

Beam (width): 5.4m (17.7'')

Displacement: 60 tonnes

Masts: 2  (Fore mast and Main mast)

Sails: 5 square sails, 7 fore and aft sails

Engine: Gardiner 118hp

Keel and Frame: Tasmanian Blue Gum

Planks and Deck: Celery Top Pine  

  • Maximum passengers and crew for day sails: 44
  • Maximum passengers and crew for multi-day sails: 18
  • Fully modernised below decks for safe commercial operation 
  • Three compartments: 
    • Forward Compartment (Fo'c'sle): sleeps 8, toilet and shower
    • Midships Compartment: sleeps 6, galley, saloon, toilet, shower
    • Aft Cabin: sleeps 4, chart room, navigation
  •  Fully equipped kitchen with gas oven, microwave, fridge and freezer
  • Two hot water showers
  • Two flushing toilets


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Full Sail
wind in the sails
Mast sails in
Lady Nelson At Berth