Lady Nelson Volunteer Crew


You have expressed an interest in sailing on the Lady Nelson. Please read all of this page and then contact our office to arrange a membership form to be sent to you and a arrange an initial training day.

Phone (03) 6234 3348

or email

The position you have expressed interest is a VOLUNTEER position (unpaid).

This position requires you to:

To become a member of the Lady Nelson
We need you to become a member so as you are covered by our insurance.  There is a cost invoved memership fees HERE

Be fluent in Spoken English
Communication is key to understand directions and operating the ship safely.

Attend initial safety training.
This safety training can be part of a regular sailing day.  You and your trainers arrive at the ship several hours before the scheduled sailing time.  In these hours you will be shown the safety systems of the ship and the ships safety protocols.  Then we go sailing and you start to learn the ropes. This training can be offered as an evening course.

Ability to attend sailing on a regular and ongoing basis
Learning to ship such as the Lady Nelson takes time and effort.  We are looking for long term volunteers that can learn the ropes and help with our ongoing sailing program. In the early days of your training you will be assigned a mentor to assist with your learning.

Working with Schools
Many of our trips involve schools and young people.  To be involved with these sailings you need to apply for a Working with Vulnerable People.  This is at no cost to you and will be explained on your initial training day.

How it all works

1)   Please contact our office and arrange a training day and membership form.
2)   Undertake your initial training.
3)   Once your initial training is competed you will be sent the future sailing dates.  You select the days when you want to sail and                                  express your interest via our online crewing system.
4)   You are then sailing and learning (mostly on the Derwent River).
5)   As you achieve competencies you will be considered for longer voyages away from Hobart voyages.

So welcome to the Lady Nelson, we look forward to meeting you and
getting you out on the water.

It's now up to you, contact the office to arrange your memgership form and training day.