Lady Nelson 20th Birthday

November 2007

On the last Day in November the current board and members of TSTA opened the ship for a very special evening sail. On board were some very honoured guests, a group of people who had the vision and determination to build a faithful replica of the original Lady Nelson 20 years ago. Through their hard work and sacrifice we now have the lovely vessel we see moored on the waterfront and beloved by all Tasmanians and visitors from around the world who come and sail with us.

The guests arrived and were greeted by historians Irene and Audrey as they came on board, some guests bringing pictures and newspaper cuttings from the original building and launch. It was a meeting of old friends for many of our guests, with much “hello” and “how are you” and exclamation and appreciation of the excellent condition of the vessel
After a brief welcome from our Chairman Rob Thomas we set sail.

It was a lovely evening, warm with just a slight breeze to help us along, Lady Nelson was looking lovely and had that lived in feel as she had returned just that day from an extended voyage. We set sail and for an hour sailed around the river, bringing back memories of days gone by and the love we have for the vessel.
During the sail food and wine were provided and what a feast it was, hot food, salads, finger food, wines, beer and good conversation. Tales and stories were exchanged and it was obvious that everyone was loving their time on board the Lady Nelson.

On return to our berth on the Hobart Waterfront we were joined by other members of TSTA for a dockside celebration which lasted for many hours and completely filled the ship.

Guests were given the opportunity to tour the vessel including the engine room and the cleanest lazarette that has ever been seen (and the pride and joy of John Peate, a tireless worker, maintenance king and carpenter without equal). The general comment was that the ship was looking as lovely as she had ever been, was well maintained and a credit to everyone involved in the running and maintenance of this delightful craft.

The 20 years history of the Lady Nelson has been recorded by Audrey Cusick and her book “The Condensed History of the Lady Nelson” was launched during the birthday celebrations and was selling quickly. Well done Audrey a fine achievement.

Thanks to everyone who wished Lady Nelson all the best and many more birthdays to come, Thanks to TSTA, our guests, crew and everyone involved with the sailing of this lovely vessel. Thanks also to Windeward Bound who flew some celebratory bunting in our honour.

Happy Birthday Lady Nelson and may there be many, many more to come.

By Fleur Malcolm

Celebrations on the Lady Nelson, 20 years after she was launched many long serving members invitation to join her on the River Derwent 30 November 2007. Also the launching of a history of the curent Lady Nelson compiled by Audry

A good time was had by all. A little cold but no one minded.

By Irene Schaffer