Misadventure of a Crew Member

Opps!! Watch those ropes

October 2007

By Fleur Malcolm

On a very cold and windy Friday in October a crew member went visiting Windeward Bound. Obviously not looking where he was going he managed to trip over a securing line on their gangplank and ended up having a very impromptu swim in some very cold water. Nothing daunted he climbed back on board Windeward Bound and returned to Lady Nelson looking very cold, very wet but spirit undaunted.

Brave crew member after drying off and dressing in a very odd assortment of clothes finished his afternoon sailing much to the admiration of the remaining crew.

Same crew member made two resolutions today. Ensure the ship has a selection of warm dry clothing for emergency use and learn to swim. (I like that one, not only did he not drown but apart from a bruise or two was relatively unscathed) I would add another resolution, look where you are putting your feet when messing around on the river.