The Ship


The Lady Nelson

Berthed at Elizabeth st Pier on Hobart's waterfront, the Lady Nelson tallship is one of the most popular attractions for vistors and a much loved icon of Hobart's fascinating maritime history.

Built locally and launched in 1988, the current Lady Nelson is a replica of the original Lady Nelson involved in establishing the settlement of Hobart Town in 1804. 

With her twin masts rigged with square sails based on the original ship's plans, the Lady Nelson offers a unique experience to step back in time to when sailing ships first graced the shores of Hobart.  


The Original and Replica Vessels 

  Original Vessel Replica
Built: England 1798-9 Tasmania 1987-88
Tonnage: 61 Tons 60 Tons
Length: 52' 6" (16.15m) 16.7m
Beam: 17' 6" (5.38m) 5.4m
Armament: 6 guns (carronade) None
First Captain: Samuel Johns  
Crew: 12 6 - 10
Names of crew members: Henry Hamilton,
John Jeur, John Pawsey.
Engine: None Gardiner 118 HP
Keel and Frame:   Tasmanian Blue Gum
Planks and Deck:   Celery Top Pine

The Sails

1. Spanker
2. Main Topsail
3. Main Topgallant Sail
4. Main Staysail
5. Fore Course
6. Fore Topsail
7. Fore Topgallant Sail
8. Outer Jib
9. Inner Jib

Sails not carried

Main Topmast Staysail.
Main Topgallant Staysail.
Fore Staysail.