Special Cooler Month Group Sails

Come and sail the Lady Nelson, visiting the beautiful and historic waters around south-eastern Tasmania. 

Depart Fiday evening, back Sunday afternoon, incudes all meals, only $2,700 - that's only $270 per person and a 10% discount on our normal rates. Available between April and October (contact us for availabilty and pricing for group based private charters from November to March).

Where we go will be dependent on the weather conditions on the day .  We try and maximise the sailing experience whilst taking in some scenic spots and quiet anchorages at night.

The trips will depart Friday evening from Hobart returning late Sunday afternoon. 

A typical   itinerary would be;
Friday Evening – Depart Hobart and make our way to an anchorage south of Hobart whilst getting to know the boat, supper is served along the way.  Anchor for the night maybe in Barnes Bay.

Saturday – Get up, eat breakfast, go aloft, set sail, go sailing (not necessarily in that order) Could be Storm Bay or the wider reaches of the Channel.  After a day of sailing and exploring our cook will prepare a traditional roast dinner, wines are shared and enjoyable social evening usually ensues, sometimes the vocally challenged sing.

Sunday – a bit more sailing before making tracks back to Hobart.  Debrief at T42.

Those who come aboard can watch the world go by if they want to relax and let the crew sail the ship.  However, most on these trips like to get involved and for a brief weekend, experience how our forefathers (and mothers) used to get around.
If you have a sense of adventure and want a unique weekend with your friends , relatives, workmates......call 6234 3348

The vessel sleeps 18, it is similar to bunkhouse accommodation and yes we have two toilets and two showers.


Get ten people togther.        Turn up on Friday Evening.             Enjoy the sailing and scenery

Get off Sunday afternoon with your happy face on.


Sail Away Weekends may be booked by groups 10 adults. If you would like to book the STV Lady Nelson for a fabulous weekend  please contact the office.

Please see the Schedule of Fees for prices and contact the office for further information.