This page contains a list of books which were written about the Lady Nelson, or in which the Lady Nelson features, as well as other nautical books which the Tasmanian Sail Training Association believes are worthy of reading. 


Books written about the Lady Nelson

The Condensed History of the Replica ‘Lady Nelson' 1980 - 2007 compiled by Audrey Cusick.

The publication is an A4 sized book of 110 pages and can be purchased from the ship or TSTA office.

Short Story of the Lady Nelson 1798 – 1825 by Irene Schaffer

H.M.S. Lady Nelson and the part she played in the New Colony of NSW, Norfolk Island and VDL 1800-1824 by Irene Schaffer

Lady Nelson's Voyage to the River Derwent 1803 & Log Book by Irene Schaffer

Lady Nelson Voyage to Port Dalrymple 1804 & Log Book Lt. James Grant R.N. 1772-1833 & H.M. Colonial Brig Lady Nelson 1798-1824 by Irene Schaffer

The Lady Nelson Story by John Davies and I. Schaffer

The discovery of the relics of H.M. Colonial Brig Lady Nelson and the schooner Stedcombe by Peter Spillett

Derwent River Excursions on the Lady Nelson Sandy Bay – Hobart 2001 by Irene Schaffer

Derwent River Excursions on the Lady Nelson Domain/Bowen Bridge 2002 by Irene Schaffer


Books in which the Lady Nelson features

The Viking of Van Diemen's Land by Frank Clune and P. R. Stephensen

The story of Jorgen Jorgensen, the son of a Danish watch maker who goes to sea and eventually sails as First Officer aboard the Lady Nelson as well as being supreme dictator of Iceland for a week, harpooning the first whale in the Derwent Estuary, witnessing the battle of Waterloo and making and losing several fortunes along the way. He was buried in what is now St. David's Park in Hobart.

Tall Ships - The sixteen square riggers of Australia and New Zealand by John L. Coombes

Great Southern Land - The maritime exploration of Terra Australis by Michael Pearson

The Life and Times of Captain Thomas Hansen 1762-1737 by Kath Hansen

Thomas Hansen was one of the Captains of the original Lady Nelson in Australian waters.

Norfolk Island Embarkations to VDL 1807-1813 by Irene Schaffer

Profiles of Norfolk Islanders to Van Diemen's Land. Lady Nelson 1807 by Irene Schaffer

Exiled Three Times Over Profiles of Norfolk Islanders Exiled in VDL 1807-1813 by Irene Schaffer

Land Musters, Stock Lists VDL 1803-1822 by Irene Schaffer

History of Sullivan's Cove VDL 1804-1820 by Irene Schaffer

A Story of John and Elizabeth Faulkner by Irene Schaffer

New Town to Bridgewater Land Grants 1832 by Irene Schaffer

The End of a Long Journey by Irene Schaffer


Nautical Books


The Ashley Book of Knots

The definitive book of knots. It is very useful as a reference, but the instructions will only be of use to those with well developed knotting skills

Knots, Splices & Fancy Work by Chas L. Spencer

First printed in 1934 this book contains detailed instructions for a range of ropework skills from the very basic to the advanced.

The Handbook of Knots by Des Pawson

An excellent first knot book. Well written with clear colour photographs and easy to follow step-by-step instructions.



The Young Sea Officer's Sheet Anchor by Darcy Lever

Written in 1808 this book details many aspects of practical seamanship in the early 19th century. 

The Admiralty Manual of Seamanship

Published regularly since 1908, The Admiralty Manual of Seamanship is considered by many to be the definitive guide to modern seamanship. This has been regularly updated, and the content reflects the time of publication. Thus, if you are interested in how to use Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) and EPIRBs, you will need a more modern edition.



The Admiralty Manual of Navigation

The definitive navigation text. This is written at quite a high level and may not be appropriate for beginners.