Mission & Goals

Mission Statement

As custodians, on behalf of the people of Tasmania, of a vessel built and owned by Tasmanians, the Association Mission is;

  • To ensure the financial sustainability of the Lady Nelson, with an objective to keep the vessel operational and available for future generations of Tasmanians,
  • To maintain a structured training program to ensure the development of square-rigged sailing skills for Tasmanians with particular emphasis on providing sail training opportunities for youth, and
  • To continue to promulgate the specific history of the Lady Nelson as part of the maritime heritage of Tasmania.

Mission Goals

Goal 1: Maintain the Lady Nelson vessel in a manner that meets all regulatory requirements that apply to the operation of a Domestic Surveyed vessel and, in doing do, to ensure that the Association maintains a financial balance sufficient to allow on-going investment in the equipment and parts necessary to maintain the vessel in the medium (5 to 10 years) term.

Goal 2: Maintain a structured training program that supports the efforts of the Association to operate the Lady Nelson in a manner that complies with all of the regulatory requirements of the Domestic Commercial Registration of the vessel.

Goal 3: Provide sailing training opportunities for the youth of Tasmania.