Lady Nelson - Australian Wooden Boat Festival (2019)


Opening of the 2019 Festival Parade of Sail - Friday Feb 8

Sail into Hobart on the Lady Nelson for the start of the Wooden Boat Festival (Friday Feb 8)

This sail departs Woodbridge at around 0800 and arrives in Hobart around 1500 in the afternoon.

After being picked up at Woodbridge the Lady Nelson gathers with the other Tall Ships at the moth of the Derwent and sails (usually) the sea breeze until just near Hobart.  We will then form a convoy of tall ships to parade past the Governor leading all the other vessels in the fleet.

Here's a taster of images from the 2017 AWBF Parade of Sails

  • Cost Woodbridge to Hobart including morning tea and lunch: $170
  • Getting to Woodbridge: There are buses from Hobart to Woodbridge put on by the AWBF this will be an extra cost of $12-15 and you will need to advise us if you want to use this option.

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For alternate payment options, 

Book by calling 6234 3348 or email

Parade of Sail - MONDAY 11th

At the closing parade of sail all the Tall Ships and hundreds of smaller craft head out onto the Derwent.  They then form in a line and sail past the Governor's vessel and salute the Governor.  Approximately 2 hour sail $60, departing at 2pm and back alongside around 4pm.

This is a video of a smaller salute to the Governor to give you an idea  HERE


Book by calling 6234 3348 or email