****** History Themed Voyages ****** **** I sailed on the Lady Nelson ****** You won't believe what they got up to!

Many do not know that the orignal Lady Nelson brought the first settlers to Hobart and Northern Tasmania.

On these voyages you will hear the stories of some the people that voyaged on the original Lady Nelson during the period 1800-1825.

Some of these stories are bad, some sad and some just plain awful; our country's origins are sometimes not pretty.

You will be surprised at where these stories take us. 
People who sailed on the original Lady Nelson reads like a who' who of Colonial Van Diemans Land, Port Phillip, Port Macquarie, Newcastle and Sydney.

As an example, if you think Hobart's traffic is bad now, without the Lady Nelson it would be much worse!  Find out why.

The times the original Lady Nelson sailed were hard and brutal and these stories reflect these time.

You will hear stories of 

Murder     Wife Selling     Punishments    Beautiful Art     

Highway Robbery     Massacres     Piracy     Poisioning     

Canabalism     Freedom Fighters     Forgers & Con Men     

Kidnapping     Amazing Feats     Exploration of the Unkown


Also on these sailing trips you will be served a small taster plate of 1800s food: from original Royal Navy recipies.  Salt Pork and Beef and Burgoo and hard tack.

All this while gliding along through the Derwent under sail.

Sailing Trips 1100 to 1300 and 1400 to 1600 on Sunday November 7 

Cost only $55 Child $35

We do have a child price, however, these presentations have content that are adult in nature and parental judjement is needed.