Longer Trip Reviews

These are the 5 star review we got from our trips over the years from our internal reviewing system,  If these are not enough you can find more reviews from Tripadvisor and Google HERE


Dave Chapman  Amazing, is an understatement 16 Oct 2021 2:55 pm
Everyone has to try this experience. the crew are volunteers and love the whole concept of bringing people onboard to learn and participate. Food is always amazing. Help as much as you want or sit back and enjoy the sail. Is my 4th sailing and will be many more. Every trip I learn more. As with every trip I really appreciate the people that make it happen. can't thank these people enough. Regards Dave

Margarete Jennings  Fabulous trip 15 Oct 2021 11:27 am
Heartfelt thanks to the wonderful volunteer crew for providing this experience. Richard, Sel, Christina, Di, Paul, Roger, Meg and Leslie(#1 chef xx). Previous experiences at sea had left me somewhat apprehensive but I joined with an open mind and left far more confident and relaxed in open waters thanks to the crew. Opportunities abound to try new things under the expert guidance and gentle encouragement of the crew....or just kickback and take in the scenery. No pressure. So many memories, shared stories and connections made with a great bunch of people. I'm already planning my next adventure aboard this beautiful tall ship.

Helen Robertson  I didn't want to leave the ship! 14 Oct 2021 2:20 pm
Essentially, that sums it up! I was borderline teary when it was time to disembark. I had such a wonderful time and we were all looked after so very, very well! The volunteer crew are incredibly interesting people and they make everything run smoothly. They do everything with competency and good humour. My fellow passengers were also delightful and interesting and I guess that's hardly surprising as they chose to go on this adventure!

Alison Sare  Seniors week 3 day cruise was the best. 13 Oct 2021 3:02 pm
We had a wonderful time, crew were terrific, friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and made the experience fantastic. Food was great, ate way too much. Great sailing experience both with and without sails. Small passenger numbers made getting to know everyone easy, and all were very nice to get along with. Highly recommend this type of experience.

Melinda Quinn  A fantastic experience with a great crew. 20 Oct 2020 5:41 pm
What a great crew and a terrific experience. We would highly recommended this tall ship experience! The crew went above and beyond to make us welcome and comfortable. We got to participate at whatever level we wanted and were made to feel safe and supported at every moment. Great food and great company. One off the bucket list, but we will be back at any future opportunity that might be available. Special thanks for the birthday celebrations too! Melinda & Steve

David Knox
3-Day sailing adventure - Seniors' Week 2020 15 Oct 2020 1:59 pm
I didn't quite know what to expect, but it was an absolutely fantastic time. The crew were were all great, and nothing was too much bother to them. They were knowledgeable, helpful, and most of all, good fun! Great group of passengers too. With 10 crew and 7 passengers, it was a great experience in which you could participate as much or as little as you wanted. Really enjoyed relaxing on the bowsprit, and spending time on the main mast tregallan futtock (terminology? - but very high next to the top flag!)

Alison Morgan  Unique and thoroughly enjoyable experience 14 Oct 2020 2:55 pm
With the exception of one of the voluntary crew - my rating would have been 5 stars otherwise - all on board were friendly, welcoming, helpful and very enthusiastic. The food was of a good standard, the opportunities to take an active part in sailing were unlimited, for those who wished to do so, and the onshore excursion offered was most interesting. Mal was a great skipper. The good weather was a bonus and of course enhanced the experience.

Mary Lindores
3 day sailing adventure Nov 11-13 2019 14 Nov 2019 2:44 pm
The experience far exceeded our expectations. From the moment we stepped on board we were warmly greeted by an enthusiastic and passionate crew who ensured we had a jolly good time every minute and hour of the day. We got to immerse ourselves in the practicalities of sailing a tall ship along with sitting back and enjoying the majestic Channel and Inlets south of Hobart. Everyone is well catered for, the meals are amazing, made more special by Harry who was a superb cook and host. All the crew made our time onboard a memorable experience and one we will treasure We had the best time and would highly recommend it.

Jeneane Geeves    Forever Memory  14 Nov 2019 8:24 am
I would highly recommend this adventure to anyone who wants a forever memory. This is a marvellous experience on a beautiful tall ship with friendly but highly professional staff. The experience can be as energetic or relaxing as you prefer. We were taught to climb and participate in all the sail setting, if you were interested....and why not! The food portions were generous and tasty, the cook was a delight and went out of his way to cater to every need. There are little trips to usually inaccessible spots along the way. The wonderful (handsome) captain decides which spots according to the weather at the time; he has safety and enjoyment of the passengers as his priority at all times. Sundowners and laughter is on the agenda for the evenings.

Annette Amos   A delightful experience  17 Oct 2019 7:51 pm
I am so glad I went on this adventure. Lovely meals prepared on board. Crew helped us all the time and we were allowed to help then and experience old fashion sailing. Crew were there to instruct and help us enjoy the experience of a sailing ship from a by gone era. Highly recommended trip to experience the water around southern Tasmania.

Christina Spry
D'entrecasteaux Seniors Sail  02 Dec 2018 5:44 am   
Sailing down the channel, and in and out of bays and coves, gives a great view of Hobart's loved waterway. There is lots of encouragement to be actively involved in work on the ship, and this was much enjoyed by everyone. The food was great, and the crew and passengers were such good company. A very enjoyable trip which I would recommend to everyone.

Peter Deck   A wonderful experience, one of Tassie's unique trips. A replica 18th Century sailing ship  01 Dec 2018 8:31 am
Absolutely wonderful experience. A replica 18th century sailing ship, on Hobart's beautiful sheltered waterways. The crew were so helpful and friendly, all of them volunteers. The food was almost too much, but so enjoyable. She's a bit cramped for room below deck, but that made for a very cosy experience with all of us thrown together. One of Tassie's most iconic trips.

Lauren Hennessy   Fantastic experience!  01 Dec 2018 8:29 am   
A lot of fun, very friendly crew. Great food, and a real eye opener. Would recommend for everyone!

Mike Bolan   So many reasons to go  29 Nov 2018 8:08 am
Just the ticket for anyone seeking to understand the social and sailing systems of the square rigger AND/OR enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Southern Tasmania archipelago, AND/OR wanting an enjoyable and relaxing break away from the consumerist society. So many reasons to go coupled with the seniors special sailings for a highly informative and enjoyable experience. Sailing on a replica vessel also opens many insights into the lives of our forebears and into some of the rigours of seaborne life. Go and figure out the details later!

Stephen Biddulph   A Lifetime Memory  28 Nov 2018 11:14 am
What was so good about this journey was that from the very start, the dedicated volunteers drew us into helping sail the boat, so it was a training but without pressure or stress. They were patient, but it was serious work and you felt useful and a sense of accomplishment in tasks so different to one's everyday life. The Lady Nelson community is warm and passionate about what they get to experience, and sharing it with others willing to have a go. It came across in the lavish food, easy rapport, and small numbers involved so we were instantly on first name terms, and individuals. The crew themselves were so diverse and problem solving amongst them a delight to watch. Behind it all was the astonishing beauty and freedom of the wild Tasmanian coast, and the weather and the waters. This trip was as iconinc and uniquely Tasmanian as a Cradle Mountain Hike, and a lot more fun. Still smiling every time I think of it, and proud of being an old dog learning new tricks.

Helen Campbell   07 Nov 2018 1:34 pm
The sailing Adventure was excellent. The weather was very good ,scenery great as not being a Tasmanian it was all new to me . The crew were very helpful and patient with lack of knowledge of the workings of the Lady Nelson and being asked to help with the sails operation was good. Catering was excellent, Lu is a very good cook and friendly person. Mal kept us informed of the plans for our voyage. Those who aspire to go up the mast or out on the bowsprit were helped to achieve their goals. The anchorages were good. Everyone seemed to get on well together, and there was a good supply of local knowledge. Thank you for the trip. Helen Campbell

michael [pablo] macqueen   A trip to remember  05 Nov 2018 10:10 am
This was my first trip on a tall ship and the experience was a wonderful one. Everybody was very helpful and considerate, good food, lovely views and the challenge of going up the mast. Thanks to all the crew. Cheers Pablo Macqueen

Kurt Maeder  Lady Nelson Trip  13 Feb 2021 7:50 am
Great Trip. I enjoyed every minute of the 4 days. You are soooooo spoiled with the scenery down there. Big thanks to the lovely crew. And a special thank you to Harry and his culinary skills. (I haven't stept on the scale yet.) 

Dave Chapman  Amazing  20 Jan 2021 5:31 pm
Don’t let the bad weather get in the way of a great experience. Wind, rain and still a great experience. Can’t wait till the Feb sail. Thanks to all the crew. It’s your effort that makes this experience so worthwhile.

Dave Chapman   Unique ,amazing experience  22 Nov 2020 5:05 pm
Friendly ,happy and helpful crew. Great sailing and scenery. Highly recommend to all. A real big thankyou for a fantastic life experience.

Kara Barker   Great sailing  22 Nov 2020 4:43 pm
Was a great trip. The crew were very helpful and approachable. We were lucky enough to experience a good variety of weather conditions which helped to make the experience.

Bob Adams
An amazing 3 day sail in the seas of the beautiful south east coast of Tasmania 05 Mar 2020 8:50 pm
If you join a sailing adventure like this understanding that you are participants and not only passengers and that you are on a replica of a 100 year old sailing ship that cannot have the luxury and resources of modern cruise ship, then you’re of to a good start. Facilities were as expected and the crew was just amazing, friendly, informative, polite, and more than helpful whilst managing the peculiarities of a square rigged ship with humour and patience. It’s not an adventure for everyone but we enjoyed it completely. Thank you for the opportunity.

Bob Citroen
The sail exceeded all our expectations.  20 Jan 2020 1:00 pm
I embarked on the trip as a 'bucket list' item for my brother's 70th birthday and we had the most wonderful time. Our skipper Mal briefed us on what to expect each day and provided us with options depending on weather. The trip took us to various locations on Maria Island, to Port Arthur and on Bruny Island where we went ashore to explore everything from the fossil cliffs, blond wombats (lots of them) to the quarantine station. On board we were encouraged to help with the sailing tasks to the best of our abilities, which was one of the aspects that made this trip so special. The crew was wonderfully encouraging and we learnt a lot about sailing. They were also very knowledgeable about all the places we passed and this fountain of local information rounded-off the experience in the most powerful way. The cook Ange provided honest and hearty meals, and even managed a birthday cake on the last day for my brother. Overall a great experience that I would recommend to anyone.

Roman Seliga Great experience 19 Jan 2020 6:28 pm
Recommend everyone try it. You are welcome to do as much as you wish, and are comfortable with crewing wise. Had a great bunch of companions, both crew and passengers. Looking forward to doing it again.

ronnie sammut  Brilliant  05 Mar 2019 8:14 pm
Although the wind wouldn’t do as it’s supposed to in Tassie (when does it?) the captain and crew did all they could do to keep us all frigging with the rigging - which was so much fun to do! In between that we were feed like kings and queens every day to the point of bursting thanks to LouLou and her merry helpers. The vibe on board between crew and punters was very relaxed and loads of fun. We were allowed to climb about and help out or just chill if we so please, so i can only say that every one on board had a great time while taking in some pristine views cruising on the wicked Lady Nelson. Great trip, loved it thank you all very much Ronnie 

Stephanie Meikle   Amazing experience  03 Mar 2019 12:17 pm 
Fantastic sailing around the southern channel and Bruny waters. We have been so well looked after and given every opportunity to get aloft and learn how its done from this experienced competent volunteer crew. Unparalleled experience.

Julie Grant  A truly wonderful experience.  17 Jan 2019 8:03 pm
Have just returned from a 3 day/2night sail on The Lady Nelson. Essentially a crew training trip, but they can take 2 or 3 passengers.   A truly wonderful experience. I was made to feel very welcome. The passengers are given the opportunity to get involved if they wish...or equally just to observe and enjoy.  The fabulous crew were kept very busy...but took the time to share their knowledge of the boat with me and to point out all places of interest along the route. The banter between them was infectious. The many characters onboard made this a very memorable trip. We were fed extremely well by Harry, who took great pride in everything he prepared. Wonderful food, served with a sm